Delhomme: Panthers shouldn't risk making a trade for Deshaun Watson


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters on Tuesday that the league isn't ready to put embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson on the exempt list, as they've yet to access all the information linked to his legal investigation.

Based on Goodell's comments, it sounds as though Watson -- if traded by the Houston Texans before the Nov. 2 deadline -- would be able to play for a new team while the investigation continues.

One emerging trade candidate is the Carolina Panthers. But franchise legend Jake Delhomme, who also played for the Texans in 2011, believes it wouldn't be wise for them to pursue Watson right now.

"I don't know who pulls off a deal. How do you pull off a deal when you don't know what's going to happen with everything in the legal world?" Delhomme told The Zach Gelb Show on Tuesday. "How do you trade for somebody when you don't know how the legal action is going to take place? How do you trade for somebody and just don't know? Now, if none of this was there, absolutely you trade for this kid.