Payne and Pendergast: Is Texans' fall the most precipitous in recent NFL history?


(SportsRadio 610) -- The Texans are underdogs in each of their 17 games in 2021.

As longtime NFL writer Peter King noted in his column earlier this week, it's quite the change from a team just two seasons ago held a 24-0 lead against the eventual Super Bowl champions in the divisional round, and won the AFC South four of the last six years.

But is this the most precipitous fall in recent memory by an NFL franchise, as King indicated?

Sean Pendergast did the research. Going back to 2011, there has only been one team to go from double digit wins to the worst team in football over a two-year span. That was the 2013 Houston Texans, who finished 2-14 after going 10-6 two years earlier.

The Colts went from being 14-2 in 2009 to the worst team in football in 2011, but the mitigating circumstance there was Peyton Manning's neck injury.

The Kansas City Chiefs went from being 10-6 in 2010 to the worst team in football in 2012.

Both the Colts and Chiefs bounced back the following year. The Colts, of course, drafted Andrew Luck. And the Chiefs hired Andy Reid.

We haven't seen a team since the 2013 Texans to have gone from double digit wins to the worst team in football.

So the question is, if the Texans are the NFL's worst team this year, is there a path for them becoming a winning football team in 2022?

Listen to Payne and Pendergast around the 21-minute mark to see what Sean found.