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Lan Lock Thoughts Week 12
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1. Justin Reid being INACTIVE and a healthy scratch is the most surprising healthy inactive of the season and there have been a few.

2. ESPN analyst Ryan Clark sounded off on the decision.

3. Clark and Reid have a close relationship. They’ve worked out together in the offseason and are both Louisiana natives. Head coach David Culley will likely give his side of things at the podium, but common sense leads me to believe Reid’s POV is provided by Clark.

4. The current Texans organizational structure, whether you agree with it or not, needs players to 100% buy in. However, It’s hard for players who were here pre 2021 to 100% buy in and damn near impossible for players who were here in 2019 or earlier to 100% buy in. I can understand both perspectives.

5. Walking into the stadium at 11am felt like a walk into a shopping mall on a Thursday at 4pm.

6. Tytus Howard got the start at left tackle. This is worth a look and I wish it wouldn’t have taken a historically bad trade, Matt Kalil experiment and a lot of injuries to get a look at Howard at LT.

7. The two first quarter turnovers, one by each team, could’ve been scenes in a Little Giants movie. Is this a good reference or am I dating myself?

8. The more Nico Collins targets, the better. There was a healthy dose in the first quarter and I’m all about it. Sign me up.

9. After Collins drew a PI that brought the ball inside the Jets 10-yard-line fellow rookie Brevin Jordan scored a 13-yard TD. It’s good to see the rookies playing and more importantly, playing well. Caserio had limited assets in his first draft as GM, with no first or second round picks, but there has been some promise shown by the rookie class.

10. After missing Collins on a deep ball that should’ve been a TD, Tyrod Taylor threw a dime to Brandin Cooks for six.

11. The Texans in-game management was so confusing at the end of the first half. It’s hard to imagine that aspect of things being worse with this coaching staff.

12. Ross Blacklock’s back-to-back penalties on the Jets FG attempt and first play after they were awarded a first down was the latest reminder than in a deep second round of the 2020 NFL Draft the Texans missed big time. Even with Blacklock playing better than he ever has it’s clear he’s at best a rotational guy. There are question marks in every area for Blacklock with the mental side of the game being near the top.

13. Blacklock over Jonathan Taylor, Antoine Winfield, Chase Claypool, Trevon Diggs, Cam Akers, AJ Dillon among others. 2nd round of 2020 Draft was so stacked.

14. Jonathan Greenard, a member of Blacklock’s draft class, will have a meaningful role on this team for at least two more seasons, which is a positive development this year. He had another sack in his return.

15. Zach Wilson throws the football like he’s playing a carnival game and trying to knock something over. Little to no touch on his passes.

16. Robert Saleh went for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter rather than punting or kicking a long field goal. What separates Saleh and other young coaches from Culley is Saleh knew what he was gonna do, his team was prepared and he didn’t have to burn a timeout before going for it on 4th down there. That’s organization even during the start of a rebuild by a first-year head coach.

17. This game lived up to the hype I don’t care what anyone says.

18. Bright side. This was a good loss if you consider a loss better than a win for Draft position in April. So there’s your glass poured half-full.

19. I cannot wait to hear Culley’s Monday presser.

20. Tyrod Taylor has been pretty blah since he returned to the lineup.

21. With reports surfacing that the New York Giants could be looking for a new GM in the offseason I would love to see the biggest, most unfortunate victim of the Easterby/O’Brien Era get the gig. Brian Gaine deserves to be next GM of the New York Giants. Gaine grew up in NY, briefly played for the Giants and worked with and learned a lot from Bill Parcels.

The Texans had an 11-5 season in Gaine’s one year. When he was abruptly fired the team was near the top of the NFL in cap space and had full draft equity, but despite that he got canned less than a month after Jack Easterby’s arrival.

If Gaine’s process and true growth as a GM would have been allowed to play out in Houston things would be MUCH different. NOBODY got more screwed by Easterby/Bob regime and than Brian Gaine. It’s actually really sad, but I’d love to see him get another chance in New York.

He deserves it and it would be good to see things work out perfectly for him after the way he was treated here.