Locker: Scene at NRG Stadium gets worse with each Texans loss


(SportsRadio 610) - The Texans fell to 2-10 with another embarrassing loss, this one at home to the AFC South rival Indianapolis Colts.

Houston could not even get points on the board, shut out 31-0. Here are my thoughts from the game.

1. Zach Cunningham was the latest healthy inactive. It’s repetitive, but you know what the deal is. Culture.

2. Tyrod Taylor threw an interception on the first offensive play of the game trying to force a pass to Davion Davis against one of the best corners in the game. Many people, including me, had to look up who #81 (Davis) was, I’ll be honest.

3. Jonathan Taylor one pick after Ross Blacklock in the 2020 Draft, I’ll just get that outta the way.

4. After a great camp and start to the season TE Pharaoh Brown, who fumbled on the Texans second drive, has been one of the bigger disappointments of the season.

5. The crowd at NRG and overall scene gets worse and worse each week. This was the worst it has ever been and next week it will be even worse. John McClain, who joins us on In The Loop Tuesdays at 10:35 a.m., has jokes.

6. The Texans just ran a play on their own 17-yard-line with over seven minutes left in the second quarter and WR Chris Conley sprinted all the way to the end zone. Either he thinks Taylor can throw it 80 yards, I’m missing something or he just wanted to go to the locker room early.

7. The boos in the second quarter were as loud as they’ve been all season.

8. Tyrod Taylor’s halftime QB rating, 0.8. I don’t think he’s better than Davis Mills at this point.

9. Most positive play of the first half, Cam Johnston’s 60+ yard punt.

10. The TSU band at halftime was AWESOME.

11. It was nice to get a break from watching David Johnson today, I got my wish. I wish him perfect health and all of his money, but at this point I’d like to never see him on the field in a Texans uniform again.

12. Lovie Smith’s defense did everything they could today and have overachieved as a unit this season. Smith deserves a lot of credit for the job he has done and what he has gotten from what he has to work with.

13. We got a look at Davis Mills when Taylor left the game and the offense showed some life. Injured or not, expect Mills to start Sunday against Seattle.

14. I said some life, not a lot of life.

15. The overall organization and logistics of this Texans offense is laughable and less smooth than a beginning of school year Kindergarten fire drill.

16. After the third quarter timeout the Texans ran the ball on third and six and then almost seemed surprised or unprepared to go for it on fourth down. They even had to huddle. The overwhelming majority of colleges you see on Saturday are ready to run two plays quickly in that situation and most Texas high schools. I don’t expect this offense to be good, but being as organized or prepared as a high school team shouldn’t bee too much to ask.

17. The die hards who stayed to the end were frustrated. There weren’t many, but the ones who stayed were letting it be known they weren’t happy with the home team.

18. Kamu Grugier-Hill has been good all season and broke the All-Time single game Texans tackle record. He has played his ass off all season and been a solid edition. Respect to KGH.

19. I’m intrigued to hear Nick Caserio on Tuesday on SportsRadio 610.

20. He has to notice the blah environment and atmosphere and realize it’s about more than losing.

21. Colts fans were flooding NRG with MVP chants for Jonathan Taylor at the end of the game.

22. I’m trying to think about this offensive performance against the worst in franchise history.

Landry Locker is co-host of In The Loop, weekdays on SportsRadio 610 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.