Seth's Weekly Texans Wish List: Take care of the ball, anchor double teams and be more deceptive


(SportsRadio 610) -- Seth Payne is a man of desires. Many of those desires involve the Texans.

But Seth is a simple man, and he doesn’t ask for much. He just wants football to be played the way it’s supposed to be played.

Here’s what he is wishing for this week...

The Fundamentals

Ball security.

Keke Coutee is not allowed to fumble. I know we’ve had a topsy turvy relationship with Keke, but he absolutely needs to stay on the gameday roster and be a part of this game.

Why do we need Keke in this game? Because nobody moves with the same speed on jet sweeps as him. That turns into genuine stress for the defense, whether Coutee is getting the ball or not.

You can throw 40-yard dash times out the window. I want to know how fast a guy runs from hash mark to hash mark while timing it up to be directly behind the guard when the ball is snapped.

I need to see me some more of that.

When he does get the ball, however, I hereby mandate that he clings onto it like it’s the last COVID mask in a hot spot.

Anchoring double teams

The defensive line needs to do a better job anchoring against double teams. It’s not like they’re getting blown 5 yards down the field, but they are getting knocked out of their assigned gaps.

They are close to being OK, and as Vince Lombardi once said, “Close enough is fine for the most part. I guess.”

Some of the missed tackles by the linebackers, for instance, are at least partly due to the holes being far too wide. The linebackers end up having to make an open field tackle on a running back who hasn’t been slowed down at the line of scrimmage whatsoever.

Note that I am not letting the linebackers off the hook. Sometimes Cunningham misses tackles because he decides he’d rather throw the runner like a hay bale than actually drive him to the ground.

Be more deceptive.

Since the early days of football, deception has been a staple of football. In 1903, for instance, Pop Warner designed jerseys that allowed his Carlisle players to hide the ball underneath the fabric.

Warner didn’t feel all that great about it, but they were playing Harvard, who likely deserved it. [The Vince Lombardi quote was a joke, but this one is true. I swear!]