Texans’ Anthony Weaver says narrative around struggling defense 'is bull sh*t’


HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- Texans defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver is fed up.

In his first year leading an NFL defense, the unit is not producing.

The Texans’ defense gives up the most yards per carry (5.2) of any team in the league. Struggling to defend the run, and ineffective run game of their own, has been arguably the most disappointing aspects of this 2020 team.

Weaver, however, does not want effort, or accountability to be questioned. That’s because it speaks to his performance as a coach.

The first-year coordinator acknowledged the defense’s performance has not been good, and he’s not perfect, either. But he spoke his mind freely with media members Thursday.

When asked how the Texans can become a stouter run defense for four quarters, Weaver had this to say:

“We’ve got to not give up 60 yard runs at the end of the game. This narrative that’s being painted like my guys aren’t disciplined and running around blocks, quite frankly and to put it bluntly, is bull sh*t. My guys play hard. They battle. They’re doing the absolute best they can and they leave their everything they have on that football field to go out there and stone the run. We lost the game 10-nothing. Yeah, you could say it’s been 17-nothing. All right, but we expect to go out there and stop the run every time we do it.

“But to sit here and paint this narrative – there was a question asked to Romeo (Crennel) the other day about accountability of the defense. Are they accountable? Hell yeah they’re accountable. Anybody that’s worked for me, anything I’ve done in my entire life has been accountable. If that’s ever questioned, then I’ll resign, OK? But these guys battle. They fight. They’re doing everything they can to go out there and stop the run, and we’re going to try to do it again this weekend.”

Weaver was later asked what are the alternatives to playing with the same defensive group, given the lack of production.

He once again defended the players. He even hinted at some hypocrisy for not criticizing former Texans edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney, who was also sometimes not as gap disciplined and assignment sound, which is the common criticism of this defense.

“Again, our guys battle,” Weaver said. “They try very hard to do their jobs and execute their assignments. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But it’s not like we’re out their swimming blocks trying to make plays. That’s not what happened. Nobody cared when Jadeveon Clowney was here swimming blocks and getting TFLs, all right? But that’s not what happened. Our guys are very, very prideful in what they’re trying to do. Have we had the results wanted? Absolutely not. Have we given up a lot of yards in the fourth quarter? Yes. But it’s not because of a lack of discipline.

“Our guys are hungry. They want to. They continue to compete every single day on that practice field for me. I’m certainly trying – I’m not trying, I hold them accountable and they want to do it right. OK? And we’re doing everything we can to go out there and stop the run.”