Juan Soto likely won't be traded by deadline: Report


New York is suddenly wrapped up in Juan Soto fever after it was reported that the Nationals are open to trading their 23-year-old superstar, with just weeks until the trade deadline.

The Yankees and Mets, two contenders with deep pockets and intriguing prospects, are two obvious potential suitors, and with both teams carrying World Series aspirations in 2022, adding a player like Soto would certainly launch either team into bonafide contender or team-to-beat territory.

But according to Jon Heyman, you shouldn’t expect Soto to be moved before the deadline, and it will likely wait until at least the offseason.

Heyman reports that the consensus around the league is that a deal for Soto won’t be reached by the deadline, as Washington will likely try and capitalize on a bidding war for who will be one of the most unprecedented trade chips in league history as an established superstar who still hasn’t reached his prime.

So, while dreams of Soto are running rampant in the Empire State, it likely won’t happen, at least not in the short term.

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