Wild ending in San Diego State-UNLV game results in betting bad beat


Sports betting produces some of the most astonishing moments.

If I were to write out the play-by-play of the final minute of the San Diego State (-9.5) vs. UNLV game you probably wouldn't believe me. So just watch for yourself...

Only in college basketball do those crazy events occur.

There is the steal in the backcourt by David Jenkins Jr., who is already set to take and make a three-pointer. Then, Nathan Mensah decides to pass up the layup and try an off the backboard pass. All in all, a brutal beat for SDSU bettors.

The video cuts out but that was the last significant play of the game. After the rebound UNLV missed a three and turned it over. Ball game, UNLV cashes by the hook due to a series of wild events.

Get ready for plenty of these bad beats, it's March.

Reed is a native of New Jersey and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a die-hard Brooklyn Nets fan and always believes the spread has a chance of covering. You can follow Reed on Twitter @ReedWallach for more commentary.