Jalen Hurts talks Carson Wentz trade, being Eagles' No. 1 QB


Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was recently interviewed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter on The Adam Schefter Podcast, and the two touched on a number of different topics, from the trade of Carson Wentz to the possibility that Hurts is now the starting quarterback of the Eagles.

The most interesting topic, however, was of course the trade of Wentz and Hurts’ reaction.

Here is what Hurts had to say:

On being in the position he is now in as the starting quarterback:
“I think nothing changes for me and my mindset. Going in everyday and trying to get better as a player. Be the best leader I can be. Impact the guys around me and ultimately it is about winning football and being consistent in doing that, so my mentality doesn’t alter not one bit.”

Reaction to the Wentz trade: 
“Kind of kept the same mentality I had this whole time in trying to control what I can control and being the best player I can be. It ain’t too much of my business so I don’t get into that.”

If he was surprised Wentz was traded: 
“I think it was just an opportunity for me. I think it shows the trust and what they think I can be as a player so I want to prove them right.”

On what he learned from his year with Wentz:
“Carson has a lot of experience, five year of experience. It is a lot more to my one (year), or four games. But just seeing how he handles stuff on the field. Being around all the quarterbacks in that room, and the coaches as well. Just seeing their perspective of the game, their point of view of the game, seeing what they like to do, what they don’t like to do and just learning from it. I try to be a sponge and try to soak in as much as I can. Every player is different so just being around it and being around professionals doing their job and learning from them.”

What he expects Wentz to do in Indy
“I send him my blessings. I wish him nothing but the best and I hope he takes off. I hope he has a great rest of his career.”

When asked if he heard from Wentz since the trade
“No sir.”

Although his answers were short, there were a few things to take away.

The first is that Hurts didn’t talk as if he was the unquestioned starter. He very well might be, but Hurts made it clear his mentality isn’t changing and he didn’t talk like he expects to be handed the job. It is also interesting that he hasn’t spoken to Wentz since the trade — something that doesn’t exactly paint a picture of the two having a great relationship.

In addition to talking about Wentz, Hurts also talked about his rookie year.

“I’ll remember it as a true learning experience as anything and everything else I have gone through and dealt with. I am grateful for the opportunity of being drafted to the Eagles and ultimately being in the position I am in now. But nonetheless, a lot to learn from," Hurts said. "I am very critical of myself and I hold myself to the highest of high standards when it comes to doing things the way I want to do them. There is a lot of things I can learn from in the first year, a lot of good, a lot of bad. I am just trying to improve and learn from those things, and hopefully do some special things in year two.”

Hurts also mentioned he has been working with the same trainer who works with Patrick Mahomes, and has been spending most of his offseason so far working.

“Just grinding. Spending some time with some family and friends,” Hurts said. “Really getting it in and preparing myself for this upcoming season.”

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