Tebow: 'I had a couple good convos' with one NFL team about playing tight end years ago


Tim Tebow's experience, or experiment, as an NFL tight end was short-lived. In mid-August, the former Heisman winner and quarterback was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars, as part of a routine set of preseason roster moves.

But Tebow's attempt to change positions after six years removed from the league wasn't exactly a half-baked idea, or as thrown together as most fans and players believed. During his first stint in the NFL, Tebow had a serious discussion with one team about the possibility of converting to tight end.

"I had a couple of good conversations with [New Orleans Saints head coach] Sean Payton years ago about it," Tebow told The DA Show on Friday. "But then Bill Belichick called the next day, so I went to the Patriots. It's not just about [the QB opportunities offered], it's how you think you're going to be used. There's so many things that you take into account with all of those things.

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