'A year, to never' could be Tiger Woods' return-to-golf timetable


Golfer Tiger Woods was in an ugly single-car accident a few days ago and he has gone through a number of surgeries to repair damage to his legs in the days since.

Tiger is no stranger to being injured throughout his career, even being counted out a few times before due to those injuries.

Most notably for Tiger has been his back issues, which some thought would end his career, only for him to return and win the 2019 Masters.

This latest injury has people once again asking the question, will Tiger Woods ever compete again.

Injury expert Will Carroll, who joins John and Hugh every Thursday at 9:20, visited this morning and spoke about Tiger Woods' injury and his ability to come back to competition from it.

“There’s two main questions we have about this, the locations of the fractures and whether there’s going to be infection," explains Carroll. "It’s tough to compare this to anything because of the crushing force. This was the car collapsing in and crushing his leg.

"When they talk about this being comminuted, there’s bone where there isn’t supposed to be bone, but that can be fixed," suggests Carroll. "Bones tend to heal. The question now is whether the articular surfaces, those smoother areas where the ankle moves are affected.

"Because it was an open fracture, you worry about infection. We’re really looking at six months to the point where he’s back up and moving and probably a year to never with him playing golf again.”

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