SNIDER: Hail to (your choice here)

Hail and farewell to the Redskins. Owner Dan Snyder decided "NEVER" was only seven years and in the Year of the Pandemic where nothing is normal, the long argument over whether the team name was offensive fell victim to the Cancel Culture.
Snyder announced the team name and logo will be retired once he has picked a new one. Whenever that is. Meanwhile, they're still the Redskins.

Hail to the TBDs.

The sad part is changing the name because it offends people who are offended on behalf of American Indians. It's changing because Snyder is vulnerable financially after reportedly owning only 60 percent of the team nowadays. He couldn't take major hits like losing the stadium name sponsorship.

Conversely, apparel money is chump change considering NFL teams each take three percent of profits. Even news organizations that "woke" at the last minute when opposing the name became safe weren't a factor.

No, money made Snyder move off the hill he was planning to die on to defend. Really, nothing else works anymore. There's no such thing as shame.

Snyder has already broken the franchise. The last two seasons saw rapidly-decreasing attendance, including last season when local fans didn't outnumber visiting fans once. And when Detroit Lions fans outnumber you, it's time for a serious review.

The team fell to 3-13. Once more, they're rebuilding with a new coach, young quarterback and hopefully a No. 2 pick that awakens a defense that grossly underperformed last year. At best, they're 6-10 if the NFL even plays that many games.

Washingtonians are moving on to the Nationals and Capitals. The younger generation even rocked Audi Field for the short-lived Defenders season. The Redskins are your father and grandfather's team.

That should scare Snyder into giving the Redskins name an honorable sendoff. Treat it with respect earned since 1933 with five championships. Don't throw it away like some political inconvenience. Snyder has asked fans for 21 years to love and honor the name with yet another merchandise email on Sunday. To simply blow it off is spitting on fans.

As to the new name, well nothing will satisfy everyone. Warriors has long seemed the favorite, but forget putting a spear on the helmet or the mascot debate continues. Red Wolves has been popular on Twitter over the past week. If you've ever attended an N.C. State Wolfpack basketball game, that howling throughout the arena is pretty impressive. Certainly, the Redskins have made their fans howl in the stands for years.

Maybe Snyder picks a name shortly after buying the trademark from whomever is squatting on it. Hey, capitalism is sometimes ugly. But the Redskins name won't go away easily. The team can silence the band, but fans will sing the song for years anyway. They're not singing some cute advertising-company jingle. Not for a while, at least.

A new name doesn't provide a fresh start. It's not like all those offended fans will suddenly attend. Winning is the cure all. The Redskins can change their name to whatever, but if they stink the stands will remain empty.

Hail to FedUp Field.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks