Irvin: Redskins should consider moving on from Haskins

The Washington Redskins have to consider taking a quarterback in next spring’s NFL Draft if the right quarterback is available, Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin told 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes on Friday. 

Irvin said franchises now have the option to take quarterbacks early in consecutive drafts because the league adopted a rookie wage scale and is no longer guaranteeing high picks as much money. 

“I’m sure (if you’re) Washington, you have to. You have to take a chance,” Irvin said. “You have to try to see if another right quarterback pops up. You have to take a chance. It’s just what this business is.” 

The Redskins drafted Prince George’s County native Dwayne Haskins with their first round pick in 2019 with the expectation that he would become their franchise quarterback. The rookie has recorded three touchdowns but thrown seven interceptions in seven games, leaving some fans wondering whether he could emerge as the quarterback of the future. 

Irvin compared the Redskins’ current situation to the one the Arizona Cardinals faced last offseason. After Kliff Kingsbury was hired, the organization opted to draft Kyler Murray and parted with Josh Rosen because Murray had the best skill set to run the new coach’s offense. 

Dukes asked Irvin whether it would be too soon to give up on Haskins, given the fact the Redskins will have a new head coach next season.

“I don’t like the idea of giving up on somebody we know is talented.” Dukes said. “Dwayne Haskins you invested a first round pick in.” 

Irvin said the decision depends on how the quarterback’s strengths fit the offensive scheme. 

“[Kingsbury’s] bringing in a certain style that fit Kyler Murray much better than it fit Josh Rosen and they made that decision,” Irvin said. “Years ago, that first round pick, you gave them so much money that once you made that decision, your franchise got stuck for the next five, six years.” 

If the Redskins decide to have Haskins start again in 2020, Irvin said he has the chance to build a connection with wide receiver Terry McLaurin, who has scored six touchdowns in his rookie season. 

“It’ll be interesting to see the patience [the Redskins] have with Haskins and everything,” Irvin said, “and see if you have the opportunity to grow something there with those two because I love [McLaurin’s] talent. I love his heart. He’s not afraid to go and get the football.”

Regardless of who the Redskins hire to lead the franchise, Irvin was adamant the team must explore its options at quarterback ahead of next season. 

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