JUNKIES: John Feinstein happy to see the 'great atmosphere' back at FedEx Field


This week’s Friday with Feinstein saw a lot of talk about college football and even hoops, topics ranging from Deion Sanders’ impact in Colorado to the transfer portal and NIL affecting both sports, with a little Feinstein Ivy League book talk and Maryland’s Big Ten future mixed in.

But towards the end, the Junkies were talking about upsets, and asked John what DC would be like if the Commanders, a 6.5-point home dog, beat the Bills this weekend, and, well…

“It’s already crazed,” Feinstein laughed. “They came back from down 21-3 last week against a bad team, and not they’re playing a good team – I don’t know what the atmosphere was like opening day, but for the first time in a non-Cowboys game, there should be a great atmosphere.”

It’s the second straight sellout for the Commanders, which is something that is phenomenal for newer fans…but John is old enough to remember when that was commonplace.

“It’s being as old as I am and remembering what it was like when I first got here, seeing headlines that say the game is sold out – when I was first here, it would be a headline if a game wasn't sold out, because you couldn't get close to a ticket back then,” Feinstein said. “But, I think if you're a fan of the team, it's neat that there's a good feeling. There hasn't been a good feeling forever with Dan Snyder as the owner, but now, people feel good about Josh Harris. It’s very early and we’re in the honeymoon phase still, but I’m glad for all my friends who are fans of the team.”

You can take a listen to all of Feinstein’s college talk above, with his Commanders thoughts about 15 minutes in!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Scott Taetsch/Getty Images