JUNKIES: Rick Snider explains his comp of Sam Howell to Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer


In his latest column for Audacy DC, Rick Snider wrote that Sam Howell reminds him of a good mix of former QBs Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer, and here’s how he explained that comparison to the Sports Junkies on Wednesday:

“He’s got Sonny’s deep arm at times; Howell threw a ball to the left corner, about 40 yards or so, and I’ve watched him do that a lot in practice. Sonny could make any throw, so he has some of that arm,” Snider said. “And, he’s got the toughness of Billy. He was a bag of bones who almost got knocked out of the league by a car accident, but he could make some of the shorter stuff look effective. Sonny mae it look easy, Billy made it look hard, and Sam does a little of both.”

That all said, he has one of the same criticisms about Howell as many folks.

“I was watching my TV this week, and I found myself saying ‘throw the ball, Sam’ a couple times,” Snider said. “He holds the ball too long sometimes, but he’ll get used to that.”

With the Commanders 2-0, though, Vegas has upped their over/under from 6.5 to 7.5 wins, and there are quite a few possibilities Snider sees among the remaining 15 games to get six more wins.

“Philly might be one, because they always do weird stuff against the Eagles, and they could split with Dallas,” Snider said. “When you have a defense like this and a puncher for a quarterback, you can win just about any game. I don’t think they’ll win the Buffalo game, but if they can beat Philly and be 3-1, that’d be pretty good – every year, one of those games goes completely off form – but then you can’t do stupid stuff like lose to Chicago at home. If they don’t, and they’re 4-1, then people have to start giving you some respect.”

All well and good, but does Howell have a future in DC?

“We have to know who the coach is first. If they keep Rivera, it’s Howell, and if they change the coach, it’s someone else,” Snider said. “New coaches always want their own quarterbacks. It happens repeatedly.
But, I think Howell is a decent player.”

Take a listen to Snider’s entire call-in above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images