JUNKIES: Rick Snider explains his story that the Commanders 'now have some ballers'


You can read Rick Snider’s columns here weekly on 106.7 The Fan and The Team 980 websites, and on Wednesday, he joined the Junkies to explain why, in his latest column, he said that the Commanders ‘finally have some ballers.’

“Yeah, that’s the great thing I’ve seen about this team – in the ‘80s, you saw a bunch of great players, but for many years since you saw one or two really good ones and that it,” Snider said. “Now, players are starting to evolve, and there are a lot of good players, like Kam Curl, who can emerge to be All-Pros. That’s a big difference; when you only have one or two of those guys on each side, it’s hard to be a good team.”

EB agrees there are studs at almost every level, and those that aren’t are emerging, and it leads to balance all around the team.

“When your best player is the punter, that’s not good, and that was true for this team for several years,” Snider said. “I do think they have guys everywhere, which really helps balance, and they have leaders, and guys who aren’t afraid to go in and pop somebody. Cody Barton didn’t have the best game the other day, but he’s going to rough you up, and there’s a lot of guys that are like that. That’s how winning is made.”

Snider also dropped the latest on the potential bill for DC to regain control of the RFK site and the future of the next stadium - 'let's put 2029 as the over/under,' he said - as well as the return of sellouts and all the improvements at FedEx Field, so take a listen to it all above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images