ESPN Analyst: Cowboys' response to Bostic hit was embarrassing


When Washington Football Team linebacker Jon Bostic took out Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton in the third quarter with a late hit to the head, many people expected there to be a brouhaha.

But there was no on-field kerfuffle. No skirmish. Not even much jawing between the offensive and defensive players.

Instead, the Dallas players did not much of anything. ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky called the non-response to Bostic’s hit a “punking” and an embarrassing moment for the Cowboys.

“It’s embarrassing!” Orlovsky said Monday. “I don’t wanna hear that they have backup offensive linemen in the game - Ezekiel Elliott’s not a backup, Amari Cooper’s not a backup, (Michael) Gallup’s not a backup, CeeDee Lamb - they’re not backups. I don’t wanna hear that they’re beat-up and those backups aren’t used to being in that moment.

“You’re taught from a very early age in football: You don’t let anybody, you don’t let anybody punk you or your teammates. There’s a big difference between getting beat up on the scoreboard because you’re not good enough - I get all that - and there’s a big difference in getting punked. And then taking that punking. And that’s what the Cowboys did in that moment.”

“That’s the most embarrassing moment this season for Dallas,” Orlovsky said of the non-response.

Bostic was penalized for the hit and ejected. But he is not expected to be suspended for the hit, per Adam Schefter.

The Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said he was disappointed by the lack of response from his team.

"We speak all the time about playing for one another, protecting one another," McCarthy told the media after Washington’s 25-3 win. "It definitely was not the response you would expect."

Orlovsky added if that had been Dak Prescott (who is out for the season after sustaining a gruesome leg injury earlier this season) it would have been a different situation.

“If that’s Dak Prescott the whole sideline is erupting for Dallas,” he said. “Them not doing anything, Amari Cooper stood there and just watched it, he watched it, he watched what happened to Andy Dalton, standing over him, and did nothing! And did not a single thing! That’s embarrassing!”

Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who played for Dallas during his career, was equally surprised the Cowboys did not confront Bostic.

“They don’t come to the aid and defense of their quarterback? Nobody?” Johnson said. “They should’ve found the linebacker and went at him.”