Jon Bostic ejected for brutal hit on Andy Dalton


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton was forced out of the game after taking a brutal shot to the head from Washington Football Team linebacker Jon Bostic.

In the third quarter with Washington ahead 22-3, Dalton was scrambling on third down and began to slide only to be hit in the head by Bostic.

The quarterback's helmet came off on the play and Dalton immediately looked dazed from the blow.

Washington head coach told ProFootballTalk he went up to Bostic after the hit and, “I told him, ‘Jon, you’re a veteran guy, you should know better.’”

The referees assessed a personal foul and ejected Bostic for the hit. (It was reported on Monday the NFL is not expected to suspend Bostic for the late hit.)

Dalton walked off the field without using the cart. The Cowboys’ back up Ben DiNucci entered the game.

After the game, DiNucci told the media he spoke to Dalton who said he "doesn't really remember what happened" on the hit from Bostic.

Washington went on to win 25-3.