Greenville High Coach Greg Porter Talks 3rd Round Playoff Win & Trip to Upper State Title Game

Hear audio of the conversation between Porter and Scramble Host Rob Jones
Photo credit The Fan Upstate

Something that I talk about quite a bit are "elevators", not the traditional type you find in a building, but coaches who elevate programs. Greg Porter is certainly in that category, he led Hillcrest to a State Title prior to leaving to become the Head Coach of Greenville High. The Red Raider program had never made the Upper State Finals prior to Porter's arrival. They are now going to back to back 4A Upper State Finals, after a 42-27 win over a quality Catawba Ridge program on Friday. Greenville High will host Northwestern on Friday for a chance to punch their ticket to the State Title Game. Coach Porter joined me on this week's episode of the Saturday Morning Scramble. You can hear the entire interview below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: The Fan Upstate