Continuing A Four-Part Series: Sign Up For Weekend Backpacks Artisanal Breads Event

Weekend Backpacks, A Non-Profit That Provides Healthy Meals For The Food Insecure, Is Hosting A Virtual Bread-Making Event On November 14th
Weekend Backpacks Heads Back To School
Weekend Backpacks Heads Back To School Photo credit Weekend Backpacks

The mission of Weekend Backpacks is to provide food to vulnerable, food-insecure Baltimore City youth to facilitate academic success and improve their lives both physically and emotionally. Many Baltimore City students suffer from food insecurity, lacking sufficient funds to provide them with food when school is not in session and Weekend Backpacks provides child-friendly, nutritious food directly to children in need over the weekends. They believe that a child does not live in isolation; therefore, each backpack contains enough food to feed three to four people for the weekend.

A Child Receives Nutritious Meals Thanks To Weekend Backpacks
A Child Receives Nutritious Meals Thanks To Weekend Backpacks Photo credit Getty Images

When Covid-19 hit last March, Weekend Backpacks had to adjust to feeding hungry families in Baltimore. With assistance from local food partners and a strong network of volunteers, they delivered food directly to families. Not only did they realize the need to provide meals but smaller items such as toiletries and household items that perhaps the families couldn't afford or didn't have access to.

Not was Weekend Backpacks flexible in that regard but they came up with a series of online fundraisers...

Weekend Backpacks Hosts An Artisanal Breads Fundraiser
Weekend Backpacks Hosts An Artisanal Breads Fundraiser Photo credit Getty Images

Getting creative, Weekend Backpacks pivoted to hosting fun events online for anyone to participate in. This year they've covered everything from crafting cocktails, decorating cupcakes, barbecuing and brewing and now artisanal bread-making. Participants can sign up for the November 14th event on their website and learn how to make focaccia.

Joining Today's 101.9's Liz Drabick, Weekend Backpacks Board Member Barbara Spector spoke about the upcoming event on this morning's Spotlight on Maryland. By clicking the audio above, you can learn how to sign up, hear about past and future events and hear about the incredible work the organization has been doing to tend to the food insecure.

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