Spotlight On Maryland Meets The Red Devils - A Non-Profit Supporting Breast Cancer Families

Today's 101.9's Liz Drabick Gets Acquainted With The Baltimore-Based Organization Whose Mission Is To Fund Services That Improve The Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Patients And Their Families
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The Red Devils: Supporting Breast Cancer Families Photo credit The Red Devils

Each year, nearly 200,000 people in America receive the life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer. In Maryland, more than 4,800 families cope with that reality annually. The Red Devils, founded in 2002, has invested more than $4.5 million in services to 8,500 breast cancer families so they may better cope with the economic and emotional strain of living with the disease.

The Red Devils have partnerships with 31 hospitals or other facilities throughout Maryland. Their medical staff and social workers refer patients to The Red Devils' business partners who provide a variety of services at no charge to the patient. Service providers authorized to respond to patients’ needs include van, sedan, and taxi companies; professional house cleaning franchises; Moveable Feast, Meals on Wheels, and catering companies; respite and home care agencies; pharmacies; and complementary therapies practitioners.

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The Red Devils 5k Photo credit The Red Devils