Conservative Party Endorses Beth Parlato in NY27 GOP Primary

Beth Parlato

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) While the Erie County Conservative Party chose to stay out of the NY27 special election, the party is endorsing Beth Parlato in the June 23rd Republican primary.

“Beth Parlato is not a political insider. I’ve seen her ability to approach people, look them in the eye, and convince them. I think she’s an excellent candidate. It will be a great thing to have a woman’s perspective in this particular seat, and she has all of the other excellent qualities along with that, ” said Erie County Conservative Party Chair Ralph Lorigo. “We’re seeing tremendous grassroots support across the district, and it is an honor to have the endorsement of the Erie County Conservative Party. I am not a conservative by convenience just because I am running for political office. I’ve been a conservative all my life. It’s part of who I am.” said Beth Parlato.