Lumber supplies starting to recover from COVID

Prices for home building lumber doubled

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) COVID19 took a bit out of many industries, including lumber, as supplies at one point grew shorter. How much has it recovered here?

"The mills were shut down for a short period of time, and when they came back, they were at 25 percent at first, very tentative in processing it. White oak was very difficult to get," says Joe Wiesnet of Niagara Lumber. He says the time of year where white oak is cut and processed affected him negatively.

Wiesnet says pricing has gone up for construction grade lumber more than for his business. "We're kind of fortunate that we're hardwood. We're on the finish end," explains Wiesnet, who notes construction lumber prices doubled, but his business only saw prices go up about 15 percent.

"A lot of people were home and had nothing to do so they built cabinets and furniture, and we had people come out of the woodwork, so to speak, to do projects they've wanted to do forever and finally got around to doing them," says Wiesnet. "That has helped us and frankly carried us during this process."