'Lady Ninja' pummels assailant who attacked elderly friend

Lady Ninja To Rescue

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Her martial arts skills may not be quite what they once were, but still, you don't mess with Lady Ninja.

Authorities say that's a lesson a California man learned painfully after he began shoving around an 82-year-old woman at a Fontana apartment building.

The woman's 67-year-old friend, Lorenza Marrujo, jumped into the fray and with a swift kick here, a finger-bending maneuver there and a couple of solid elbow smashes to the sternum it was all over. Police arrived to find him on the floor with one of Marrujo's knees on his neck and the other on his chest.

Marrujo, who likes to be called “Lady Ninja” and has a black belt in jiu-jitsu, said she was in her third-floor apartment Monday when she heard screams coming from a neighbor's first-floor unit and went to investigate.

There, she said, she found a man attacking her 82-year-old friend, Elizabeth McCray.

Marrujo, who stands only 4-foot-10 and weighs about 100 pounds, didn't hesitate to mix it up with the younger, 5-foot-9-inch, 170-pound assailant.

“I took him down with one sweep kick under the back of his legs,” Marrujo told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “Then I elbowed him in the sternum and he went, ‘ugh, ugh’ because it really hurt.”

He was screaming in pain and pleading with her to stop bending his fingers back when she finally pinned him to the floor and told him to “chill out.”