Paul Rudd, ‘Certified Young Person,’ Urges Millennials To Wear A Mask In New PSA

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Paul Rudd had a message for millennials on this week: Wear a mask.

The 51-year-old “Ant-Man” actor was tapped by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently to star in a new public service announcement directed at younger residents of the state to remind them that the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

In the video, which was released by Gov. Cuomo’s office on Monday, Rudd dons a fitted baseball cap with the letters “NY” and carries a skateboard— jokingly trying to appear “younger.” He also uses slang that, for many over the age of 30 would probably have to use a search engine to understand.

“A few days ago, I was talking on the iPhone with my homie, Governor Cuomo, and he’s just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks,” Rudd says in the PSA. “Because, get this, apparently a lot of COVID is transmitted by us millennials. No cap.”

Rudd jokes that Cuomo contacted him to do the video, assuming he was 26, and the actor “didn’t correct him.”

“So fam, let’s real talk. Masks? They're totally beast. So slide that into your DMs and Twitch it,” Rudd says. “I'm not gonna preach at you like some celebrity. Yuck. This is a convo, where I talk and you shut up and wear a mask.”

The 51-year-old, who hasn’t aged much since starring in 1995’s “Clueless,” pretends to speak with Gen Z celebrity Billie Eilish to come up with the latest Tik Tok challenge craze: “How about a stop the pandemic challenge, what about that? What about a save grandma challenge? That fun enough for ya?”

Eventually, the actor seems to drop the facade and takes on a more serious tone, explaining that masks dramatically decrease the spread of the virus and can be the difference in saving a life.

“It's easy, it's simple. Please, it's not hard, people are dying. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying. And it's preventable. It's preventable – just wear a mask,” Rudd urges.

The video ends with Rudd telling millennials, “We gotta yeet this virus.”

Gov. Cuomo has often stressed that young people are not immune to COVID-19 and can die from it, or worse, pass it on to other who can potentially die from it as well.

In a statement, the governor thanks Rudd for helping spread awareness and for sending a crucial message that will “reach young people like him.”

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