Some NYC Rats Turning To Cannibalism As Restaurants, Offices Remain Closed

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The coronavirus shutdown is stressing out rats in the city.

Food has become scarce with restaurants and offices closed and rats are now turning up in new areas and roaming around during the daytime looking for a meal.

Urban rodentologist Bobby Corrigan told the Wall Street Journal that more rats have been getting into fights and occasionally resorting to cannibalism.

“All of a sudden, New York City to some degree is cleaner than ever end up with this group of disoriented, stressed rats foraging about,” he said.

The rats aren't finding much household trash either.

There's been a significant decrease in tons of trash hauled away in the city.

Garbage collection fell 20% in Manhattan in April. There was a 40% drop on the Upper East Side and a 32% plunge in Greenwich and SoHo as New Yorkers fled the city amid the pandemic. 

Staten Island was the only borough to see an increase in collections. 

Citywide, trash collections were down 5.7% last month.

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