Nassau Residents Report Rats Are Running Rampant In Neighborhood


PLAINVIEW, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Residents in a Nassau County neighborhood say rats are now running rampant throughout their towns.

The families of Plainview say there has been a growing rodent problem in their town and they feel wary when they step outside.

Gloria Geraci, who has lived in the town for two decades, says the issue began very suddenly and she can no longer use her backyard without fear of running into a rat.

“I won't even come back here,” she said. “My neighbor was here and was like, ‘oh there’s a dead rat in your flower bed.’”

Another neighbor caught video of a rat swimming in her pool.

“My neighbor supposedly has trapped like five of them, the person touching his backyard has trapped five,” said Geraci’s neighbor, Yolanda.

The residents live near the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway and believe construction there may be causing the problem.

They want the County Health Department to help.

However, a spokesperson told WCBS 880 they do not provide extermination services, but did confirm there is a rat infestation.

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