Difference Makers: Nonprofit Creates Tablet To Keep Patients Connected To Loved Ones

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 without their loved ones to visit them say their days were made better by the WellTab.

WellTab, a nonprofit organization based in Brooklyn, specializes in making tablets that allow for a constant live steam between patients in the hospital and their loved ones at home. 

Avigdor Zeitlin was in the hospital for six weeks with coronavirus and was sedated for three, and when he came to, he was alone.

“I wasn’t able to have visitors. No family members were allowed to visit,” he tells WCBS 880’s Mike Sugerman.

He says it was an awful time, but it was made better by WellTab’s tablet. 

“These are tablets, that have been programmed to create an audio-visual connection, 24-7, from a patient to their loved ones outside the hospital,” says Chaim Rothstein, with the nonprofit.

The organization has created over 900 tablets and distributed them to hospitals around the state.

Sugerman describes the program like Zoom or FaceTime, but constantly on.

“I was able to see my family. Processes in the house. Different parts of the house, which really helped me get back to my senses,” explains Zeitlin.

“These tablets were really, really the second best thing to being in his room,” says his wife, Deborah Leah Zeitlin.

She recalled one night when he woke up, disoriented, confused and wouldn’t take his medicine. Because of the tablet, she was able to sooth him.

“He calmed down, took his medicines, and the nurses were so appreciative I was able to help, and I was so happy,” she explains.

WellTab is working on getting 10,000 of the units in hospitals around the nation.

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