NYC Laundromat Offers Steep Discount Amid Pandemic

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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — This is a story that doesn’t take a lot of spinning though it does involve clothes driers.

The dirty laundry of the COVID-19 economic fallout is that lots of people can’t always afford to clean their clothes these days or laundromats aren’t open. While laundromats are among essential services, many have closed for financial reasons.

One company is trying to help.

“We thought let’s give a discount, allow regular to do the service they can't usually afford to do," said Sergey Patrikeev, co-founder of Liox Cleaners. Here’s what they do, in their own words.

Customers can register an account online or with the Liox Mobile app by submitting their payment information, customizing detergent, softener, or dry cleaning, and set pick up and delivery times. 

It’s a little more than a $1.50 a pound, but now, if you can’t pay, they’re cutting the price by 60 percent.

But they’re still making a clean profit.

“We are taking some losses on one end, but then we did get new customers who believes in that. They said hey I do have money, I see you doing a good thing, we want to help out,'" Patrikeev said. "They actually said I don't need this service but I'll still order it because I see you guys are helping people."

Many of the customers taking the discount are essential workers who came to New York to help during the pandemic, living in hotels without laundry service. Approximately 60,000 have taken them up on their offer. 

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