Pregnant Mom Gets Power Back After PSEG-LI Crew Foreman Hears Her Story On WCBS 880


HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — A pregnant Long Island mom who had been without power for eight days after Tropical Storm Isaias wreaked havoc on the Tri-State area received some good news Wednesday.

After a PSEG Long Island crew foreman heard about Rebecca Gutierrez's plight on WCBS 880, reporter Sophia Hall connected him with the family and crews arrived at her Huntington home to get the power back on.

She shared a photo of the happy sight with WCBS 880.

PSEG Long Island crew

Gutierrez had told Hall earlier in the day that when power lines fell outside her home during Tropical Storm Isaias she was told that the electricity would be on again soon, but her house was the only one in the dark on her block on Wednesday morning.

Gutierrez is nine months pregnant and also has two small children at her home. She says without power, her home is 10 degrees hotter than it is outside and one of her children experienced a heat stroke because of it.

She said she called PSEG Long Island every single day since the power went out and they didn't offer any help.

“I’ve been on bed rest most of the pregnancy and having a baby in a pandemic is one thing and now adding the extra layer of not having power and not knowing if I’m gonna have to bring a newborn home into a hot house, not really helping,” she said before her power was turned back on.

Gutierrez said customer service represenatives had told her because she is a single outage, her house was not a priority. 

State Senator James Gaughran says he still wants the president of PSEG Long Island to resign or be removed as the power remained out for more than 9,000 other Long Islanders as of Wednesday afternoon.

In a statement to WCBS 880, a PSEG Long Island spokesperson said, “This storm caused significant damage to the electric system. We are focused on restoring power to every customer who experienced an outage from the storm.”

The president of PSEG has said they brought in many out of state crews and are working around the clock to get the power back on.

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