Small Business Spotlight: SevenRooms Personalizes The Customer Experience


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — How do you reach customers in the age of immediacy and instant gratification?

SevenRooms is a hospitality technology company that has sought out to create a better customer experience in restaurants and entertainment venues.

Their software handles reservations while providing customer data, such as their online reviews and order history.

Kinseh Patel said they address every part of the customer journey from discovery and booking to the dining experience to loyalty and retention.

"I think in the restaurant industry overall people want a personalized experience and understanding your guests' preferences before they walk in the door so that you can create that for them whether it is the type of wine that they like, the type of food they like, the table they like to sit in, the server they enjoy working with, they want a personalized experience and when you go to a restaurant and you feel like you're a regular you're going to go back, you're going to feel good about that and creating that experience for people is really impactful," said Ilana Brown of SevenRooms.

Brown said they work with restaurants large and small to provide them with a tool to capture guest data and create a great experience in service.

Restaurants get charged a subscription fee and are charged monthly to use the service.

"We're just simply charging them to use our software which is empowering them to capture all of the data and manage their operations and service, and manage their database and marketing initiatives inside and out of the restaurant," Brown said.

Watch the video above to see how they are transforming the customer experience on Joe Connolly's Small Business Spotlight, sponsored by BNB Bank — "Community Banking from Montauk to Manhattan."