C-Mac: Yankees need to pursue Mike Trout if he becomes available


C-Mac campaigned for the Yankees to go after Mike Trout, should be become available, on the latest episode of the BXB podcast, and he doubled down on that desire during Wednesday morning’s show.

“Mike Trout is Mike Trout,” C-Mac said. “The contract argument is fair. The injury argument is fair. I’m open to it because I want to win a championship in the next three years. You have Cole under contract for the next seven years. I don’t know what he’s gonna be in seven years, but I know what he’s gonna be in the next three years. The team right now is so disparate of actual talent, that I’m trying to get the team turned around in the next two years. You tell me how to do that without bringing in great players. You tell me the greatest player of the generation is available, I’m open to it…he’s still a great player. Judge and him in the middle of the lineup is a Manny/Ortiz middle of the order.

“I’m not saying move heaven and earth. I’m saying if Mike Trout becomes available…if they eat a little money and don’t ask for top prospects, I’m interested in Mike Trout.”

Callers expressed concern about Trout’s age and injury history, as his season is officially over after being moved to the 60-day IL, but C-Mac is willing to assume that risk over rebuilding and waiting for the youngsters to develop while the primes of Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole’s careers waste away.

“You know why Mike Trout is available? He’s older. And he’s 31. He’ll be 32 next year. He’s not 36,” C-Mac said. “He’s the same age as Aaron Judge.

“Mike Trout will lose power, he might not be the same player, but he will never hit .200. He’s been injury prone the last couple years, no doubt about it. He broke a bone in his hand this year…but Aaron Judge has been injury prone too. Let’s be fair.

“I’m talking about the greatest player of his generation.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez | Getty Images