Jonny Gomes takes coaching job with Diamondbacks, meaning he'll no longer state the obvious on NESN


Jonny Gomes will no longer be stating the obvious and mangling the English language on Red Sox telecasts. The region has suffered a true loss.

The Diamondbacks announced Tuesday they’ve hired Gomes as an outfield and base running coordinator. That seems to be an odd role for somebody who was a lousy outfielder during his Major League career, but maybe Gomes’ insight transcends his physical abilities.

In honor of Jonny Gomes, new Arizona outfield and baserunning coordinator, that time in 2014 he got an out via a ball off his face. #Legend

— Jon Couture (@JonCouture) January 8, 2019

A 13-year veteran, Gomes is best remembered for being one of the consummate glue guys on the breakout 2008 Rays and 2013 Red Sox. He infamously told Ken Rosenthal he doesn’t know about the stat WAR, except that any team would want to go to war with him. (Gomes, of course, played for the Rays from 2002-07, while they were wretched, but that is beside the point.)

In the NESN broadcast booth, Gomes liked to explain even the most minute game details to viewers and make up fun new stats, such as baseball’s version of plus-minus. He will be missed.