Here's how short Brady, Gronk came up in chase for incentives

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski
Photo credit Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski experienced statistical declines in 2018 that hit them in their wallets.

Entering the season, both Patriots stars reworked their deals to add some extra motivation in the form of contract incentives. Brady would make a base $15 million with a chance at another $5 million. For Gronk, his $8 million base included a chance at an extra $4.3 million.

Not only did neither made any extra money this season, neither came particularly close.

Here's the breakdown.

Tom Brady

Incentive: Top 5 in passer rating ($1 million)Final Numbers: 97.7 passer rating (12th)

Incentive: Top 5 in completion  percentage ($1 million)Final Numbers: 65.8 percent (18th)

Incentive: Top 5 in yards per attempt ($1 million)Final Numbers: 7.6 Y/A (14th)

Incentive: Top 5 in touchdown passes ($1 million)Final Numbers: 29 TDs (10th)

Incentive: Top 5 in passing yards ($1 million)Final Numbers: 4,355 yards (7th)

Rob Gronkowski

Incentive: 70 or more catches ($1.1 million)Final Numbers: 47 catches

Incentive: Playing in 80 percent or more of total offensive snaps ($1.1 million)Final Numbers: 74.87 percent of offensive snaps played

Incentive: 9 or more touchdown catches ($1.1 million)Final Numbers: 3 TDs

Incentive: 1,085 or more yards receiving ($1.1 million)Final Numbers: 682 yards

Thanks to a run-heavy offense, as well as Gronk not looking like himself all year, neither came close to reaching their bonuses.