Jaylen Brown works out with Carmelo Anthony: ‘Tryna absorb bro powers’


Celtics forward Jaylen Brown is probably used to getting tips from the vets to better his game, having entered the NBA at just 20 years old. With his third season in the books, it looks like the now 22-year-old is still doing just that – only this time, not in Boston.

On Tuesday, Brown posted a photo to Instagram of himself working out in New York.


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Then Wednesday, Brown posted a photo to his Instagram story, which featured him and Carmelo Anthony on the court together, with text that reads, “Live pic tryna absorb bro powers.”

Celtics would probably prefer that Jaylen just sticks with his own powers but I’m not sure pic.twitter.com/pRb2RTgQfK

— Adam Himmelsbach (@AdamHimmelsbach) June 6, 2019

Given that Anthony only played in 10 games last season with the Houston Rockets, the most recent being November 8, 2018, it's worth wondering what “powers” Brown was trying to “absorb.” Anthony clearly hasn’t played his best basketball as of lately. He hasn’t even played much basketball, period.

Though, he is a 10-time All-Star for a reason.

During the prime of his career, Anthony was one of the NBA’s top scorers. He is currently ranked No. 22 all-time in the NBA with 25,551 career points.

Since Anthony has 17 years of NBA experience – which is just five years less than Brown’s age – it’s safe to say that the Celtics’ shooting guard could learn a thing or two, and bring it back to Boston.

Especially with Kyrie Irving currently being the biggest question mark for Danny Ainge and the organization, there’s a lot that remains up in the air for the 2019-2020 season. But if Brown could improve his game and put up more points consistently, that would be a big contribution for the team to rely on.

Last season, Brown averaged 13 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game, playing an average of 25.9 minutes.