Ortiz as Jason Witten? 'Hell to the no' Red Sox legend says of possible comeback


David Ortiz has no interest in pulling a Jason Witten.

The Red Sox slugger-turned-broadcaster likes life just fine in the booth. When he hung up his spikes in 2016, he did so for good, and he feels no pull to return to the field, a la the Cowboys tight end, who broadcast one underwhelming season of Monday Night Football before announcing a return to Dallas for a 16th NFL season.

"Hell to the no. No. No," Ortiz told reporters in Fort Myers, including WEEI.com's Rob Bradford. "I would have to be born again for that to happen. I'm having so much pain in my body and I'm not doing anything. Trying to do cardio, that's it. Mookie (Betts) asked me when we were hitting batting practice, 'Hey, if you take 10 swings, do you think you could hit a few balls out? I'm like, I might, but I'm going to be in the training room for two and a half days."

Ortiz is happy to continue working in the studio as part of Fox's baseball coverage alongside longtime rival Alex Rodriguez.

"In my case I still have a long way to go," he said. "I know I still have to continue learning and for that to happen. Be humble, stay humble, so people are not afraid of helping you out with things. That's what's happening with me at FOX, I get along so well with everybody that everybody is trying to help me."