Boston website Food Waste Feast encourages sustainable cooking

Female woman hands holding diced colorful vegetables on rustic kitchen table with vegetarian cooking ingredients and tools. Health
Photo credit Victoria Shibut

Food Waste Feast knows that throwing out food is like throwing away money. This Boston-based website wants to help you save the planet and your wallet with recipes that will turn your unused food into delicious meals.

The food-saving website was started by Boston-based sisters Mei and Irene, who along with their brother own Mei Mei Catering Company. Their Brookline restaurant Mei Mei is a certified sustainable business and now they’re reaching out to help everyone else cook sustainably.

They feature countless recipes using common household ingredients that often get thrown away, like fruits, veggies and herbs, turning your scraps and softening produce into delicious meals like a “Fridge Cleanout Frittata” or “All-The-Stuff Savory Tart”.

Newcomers to the website are greeted with encouragement to stop shopping for a recipe but to open up their fridge to create a recipe featuring what they already have.

Their “Use-It-Up” recipes are sorted around what kinds of food are in your kitchen, making it easy to find a recipe with whatever you have, whether that’s legumes, ‘stems, stalks and flowers’, or fruit. But, it’s not just meals. The sisters also feature recipes and ideas of what to do for things such as vinaigrettes and drinks as well.

“Use-It-Up” recipes are easy and flexible so even the worst of cooks can make their kitchen a little more sustainable.

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