Get to know the guy in the Bruins sweatshirt behind Mayor Walsh


Everyone at home practicing social distancing is looking for any source of entertainment these days.

In that environment stepped Rob Mahoney to create an internet sensation Thursday, as he literally stepped into the background of a shot of Boston mayor Marty Walsh addressing the media. If you don’t recognize the name Rob Mahoney, then you probably know him as the guy in the Bruins sweatshirt.

Social media took it from there.

Has there ever been a more applicable use of the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm? @universalhub #mapoli #bospoli

— Kate Norton (@norton_kate) March 19, 2020

I spy with my little eye...

— Kenny Ryan (@Kenny_Ryan_) March 20, 2020

Mahoney and shared a Twitter DM exchange Thursday night, during which the restaurant worker from Mansfield explained what he was doing grabbing his 15 minutes of fame.

“I was waiting for a friend who was going to City Hall all for his birth certificate but when he got there the line was very long,” Mahoney said. “I was waiting outside for him and just curious what was being said.”

Mahoney didn’t know he became an internet sensation until he noticed that someone on had recognized him and posted about it. He said he couldn’t pick his favorite video or meme since he stepped into the spotlight.

“All the tweets are amazing,” he said.

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