Monday's Mashup: Brady mentors Deion Sanders' son

Good morning and Happy last Monday until Summer! Sliding into the week like ...

Hold my beer while I slide down this rail.(-- via @AlaskanCourtney)

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Johnsonville ACL Cornhole Championships: 2020 ACL Pro Invitational Qualifier

Yes, you read that correctly. Live cornhole. On TV. It's sports. And it's fun. And you can make all your ESPN Ocho jokes you want. Don't knock it till you try it!


When Tom Brady was a free agent (Remember ALL the way back then? Feels like ten lifetimes ago), word from his camp was that he would welcome a mentoring role, an opportunity to coach up a younger quarterback. And while most assumed it would be on whatever team he landed on, in this case Tampa, his first chance to make good on that promise has come in the form of working with the son of Deion Sanders. Shedeur Sanders is apparently a very talented and highly sought after high school quarterback. And it appears inheriting your dad's football genes isn't the only leg up the young signal caller has, as now he's getting QB lessons from the GOAT. Not a bad way to prep for your senior season in hopes of becoming a college star and more. This story will have some saying, "Brady never did that whenhe was in..." To which we say, "Hogwash. He did plenty. This is just great to see he's ike a football Jedi master, passing along his knowledge to a younger generation. Nothing else to see here. Move along.

Learning from the -- soaking up all the knowledge-- --: @striving4_a.lott

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Question: Where does Blaze Jordan rank among the all-time names for Red Sox, players or prospects? Or even in MLB? Has to immediately vault into the top 10 for the Sox, and maybe Top 100 of all baseball names, right? It's not a "Who names their son Blaze?" question, rather a "Who wouldn't name their son Blaze?" question to me.

Dream come true, blessed to be selected by the @RedSox !

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A gentle reminder that while this year has definitely been...trying...and the absence of live major sports has now officially entered it's fourth month, we could be on the precipice of an absolute avalanche of high stakes live sports (fan-free mostly, but beggars shant be choosers). Don't screw this up, baseball!

Virus permitting, there are jam-packed months of TV sports ahead

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'Tis not a man! 'Tis a golf ball hitting machine! Seriously, RoboSwing is the golfer of the future.

This is how many hits Lil Baby has

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ICYMI: The Patriot Way got a shoutout in a recent episode of "Billions" (NSFW)


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Or rather "Everyone grab a boiled chicken dinner and a case of Miller Lites" to celebrate Wade Boggs, one of the greaest hitters in Sox history. We'll overlook the whole Yankees World Series/riding a horse in the stadium thing for today.

In the 80s, life was simpler. We knew Tony Gwynn was going to win the NL batting title every year and Wade Boggs was going to win the AL. And we liked it that way, goddamnit.

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