Thursday's Mashup: Gronk comeback a good bet?


Seriously, it's the last day of April. Does anyone have any idea where the month went? We were staying inside, cheering on those on the frontlines to stay strong, bemoaning no live sports, and then there was Passover and Easter, then the NFL Draft,'s basically May. Wow. Time flies when we're home almost 24 hours a day. Well, let's hope for good fortunes, good health, good weather and good news next month. Until then here are a few items of interest to help us usher out the month of showers for the month of flowers ...


2004 Red Sox Postseason Encore ALCS Game 4: Red Sox vs. New York Yankees, 8:30 p.m., NESN

Brink of elimination. Dave Roberts. Bill Mueller. Extra innings. David Ortiz. The greatest comeback in baseball history begins. Need we say more?


Vegas continues to tease us with odds and proposition bets on live sports, especially football, for the 2020 season. I mean, if they're going to give us things to bet on then, legally, in places we're allowed to do so (Hi, New Hampshire!) we're going to think about them. A lot. And a couple juicy options just came through. While they might be a tough pill to swallow for a few Foxboro Faithful, if we're being honest they both belong in the FOUND MONEY bin.

Vegas has Gronk as the second most likely for NFL Comeback Player of the Year, right behind Big Ben. But if you've seen that Quarantine beard... Anyway, it seems as likely a candidate as any. He's got a year of CBD-fueled recuperation under his belt. He's Gronk. He's got TB12...excuse us, Warm Weather Tom. He's got an offensive-minded coach. He's said he's rediscovered his mojo. He's got that 24/7 WWE belt to defend. A lot in Warm Weather Gronk's favor. Vegas is betting on him. Seems a worthy wager, were we that kind of publication.

Big Ben sits atop our odds to win Comeback Player of the Year --

— FanDuel Sportsbook (@FDSportsbook) April 28, 2020

And while odds are good Gronk makes quite a comeback, the odds, at least according to Vegas, that his team, Tompa Bay (drink!) wins double-digit games, seem pretty attractive. If there is anybody that likes free money, that over Tampa  9.5 wins total looks pretty juicy. Think about it! NFC South is very competitive. And their schedule is no cakewalk. And sure, Vegas will try and hedge their bets. But come on! You know better. Brady + Evans + Godwin + Gronk + Brate x Arians = a whole lotta points.

You're placing a bet today on one NFC team to go UNDER their regular season win total.Which team are you taking? --

— FanDuel Sportsbook (@FDSportsbook) April 29, 2020


While we had our baseball appetites teased this week with news of the MLB 100 games realignment plan, we still can't help but miss the sights and sounds of Fenway, from the crack of the bat to the concessioneer screaming "Spawts bahs heeyah!", all the way to Castigs calling the game. And while there's a chance that may grace our eyes and ears soon, until then how about a highlight reel of every Sox dinger from the now exonerated and still Fen-tastic 2018 postseason (h/t @bostonstrong_34)

To celebrate the end of the commissioner's investigation into the Red Sox, why don't we enjoy every home run from their 2018 Postseason run, where they went 11 and 3 and set the franchise record for wins in a season.

— Red Sox Gifs (@soxgifs) April 24, 2020

Oh, and if that wasn't enough then this video of David Ortiz hitting possibly the longest home run in the history of everything should get you through to Friday.


Staying at home has lead to all sorts of unique content and creativity from families the world over. And this dad just checked off two boxes at once: getting football feels, and involving his daughter in those emotional reenactments. Seriously, though, any chance she's interested in an UDFA tryout in Foxboro?

Cold Pizza, Mango Black Iced Tea and my 6 year old daughter Ruby making one handed OBJ snags like she’s been there before --

— GreekLightning (@Rob54402381) April 29, 2020


“There were some guys going up to the plate that night that were literally shaking in their boots. It was almost like a cartoon, where you see guys swing and the ball goes through their bat." - Gorman Thomas, former Seattle Mariner, on facing Roger Clemens the night he struck out a then-MLB record 20 Mariners, 34 years ago last night