Thursday's Mashup: Cam Newton is best AFC East QB

Happy Thursday! Two days away from America's birthday. Nice little safe celebration on the horizon. And when we start thinking about the goods at the cookout table, we think of our favorite summertime fruit, and can't help but wonder if we've been doing it wrong all these years?

Wife just called me “psychotic”. How are you supposed to carve a watermelon?

— Chris Pollone (@ChrisPollone) July 1, 2020

Nah, we're good. Let's Mash on...


2018 Red Sox Postseason Encore World Series Game 4: Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers - NESN, 8 p.m.

Wanna see the Sox get to the doorstep of their fourth World Series title this century? That they've won four World Series the last sixteen years still blows our minds.

In Case You Didn’t Know:Cam Newton is the best QB in the AFC East.

— PFF NE Patriots (@PFF_Patriots) July 1, 2020

There they were, free from the tyranny of Tom Brady after almost twenty years. Their oppressor, the Patriots, weakened, vulnerable, lacking greatness under center for the first time this century. And just when the Bills, Dolphins or Jets thought 2020 was their shot, along comes a former league MVP with immense size and skill, looking to prove himself at a below-bargain price. You just hate to see it. And while there's still much to prove and playout, fact remains, according to our friends at PFF, Cam Newton enters the season as the highest rated QB in the East. And while some doubt the talent of his new surrounding cast there's no denying he's working with the best coaching staff of his career. My but the stage is set for a great season, and perhaps a new chapter, with the same result as so many before it, in the story of the AFC East.


If you're a Pats fan and you've always wanted to get revenge for Super Bowl 42...been kept up at night thinking Eli and Tyree robbed your dreams and stole a championship for your team and bragging rights from you and your friends...then you're going to love the story of Sean Murphy. I know we're not supposed to hold criminals up as heroes, but if I ever had the chance to buy Sean and his friends a beer I'd be good for it since he's the Pats fan who stole the New York Giants Super Bowl 42 rings. This is a wild, albeit long, read, definitely worth sitting back over the holiday weekend with. Almost got away with it too! Now, if Ben Affleck isn't already developing a movie on this story then I don't know Boston.

Stealing Super Bowl rings wasn’t enough for diehard Patriots fan Sean Murphy. His next mark: stealing $93 million from a Brink's depot

— ------------------------ (@BW) July 1, 2020


Encouraging words from Kemba Walker, who we've not seen much of in monrths, seeing as he was injured a good deal prior to the NBA shutting down March 11th. Now he feels he's benefitted greatly from the prolonged rest the shutdown allowed him, and is ready to enter the bubble and make a charge for the championship. Plus he knows and likes Cam, thinks he'll be great in New England. Remember Kemba was the biggest basketball star during Cam's Panther heyday.

“I really, really needed to get that break.”Kemba Walker said the time off was “super important” for his knee. Now, he said, he feels like himself again.How the Celtics All-Star needed the NBA hiatus — and how excited he is to play hoops again:

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) July 1, 2020


We've already seen a plethora of impressive Mohamed Sanu rehab and training videos of late, not to mention footage of him practicing with Cam Newton. But did you know Sanu could also double as the Patriots emergency kicker? Check this bomb he banged through from 60. What can't this guy do? OK...we think he just never got his footing right in the 2019 season, and that ankle injury was bad. But seeing Sanu succeed with the Pats; yet another reason why we can't wait for the 2020 season.

That time Mohamed Sanu drilled a 60-yard field goal with ease ----(via @Mo_12_Sanu)

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) June 30, 2020


This video of Cam Newton making a hospital visit to a young fan who spent Christmas one year in the hospital will lift your spirit, and help paint the picture of the man many have spoken so highly of but few outside Carolina have gotten to see.

At the peak of his career, NFL quarterback Cam Newton heard a 10-year old boy had spent Christmas fighting a serious heart condition.Two days later, on his day off, he chartered a flight and flew out to surprise him.This is the moment they met.(-- @AuburnTigers)

— Goodable (@Goodable) June 30, 2020


For those who believe Belichick doesn't like players celebrating, as some broadcasters in the region may want you to believe, based on the arrival of Cam Newton, here's proof from just over ten years ago that he not only is OK with it...he encourgaes it! The Patriot Way is a lot of things, but one thing it isn't is boring after you do something great.

There’s a reason he’s the best coach ever

— Lucas Ferreira - The Rufus Rundown (@RufusRundown) June 30, 2020