Tuesday's Mashup: Patriots' critic calls team Super Bowl contenders

Hello and happy Tuesday to one and all!

Well, what a delightful son of a bitch this bear is ... pic.twitter.com/cSlILSm3sd

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Here are a few things to read, see, know and the like.


Bruins Classics Bruins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (from 10/28/99) - NESN, 8 p.m.

A random Bruins win, just three and a half weeks from the restart of the NHL season, plus Ray Bourque and Hal Gill sightings! And a goalie I've never heard of before!


Noted Patriots hater and perpetual Brady critic Nick Wright, of FS1's "First Things First" (who's probably still giddy over the Mahomes deal), took to the airwaves Monday to do what must have been positively excruciating for him; call the Pats a Super Bowl contender. You can just see in his face, and hear in his voice, the pain admitting the Newton signing betters the Pats has caused him. YA HATE TO SEE IT. But also he's not wrong.

"The addition of Cam Newton of course makes the Patriots a Super Bowl contender. Chiefs, Ravens, Patriots — that's your power rankings in the AFC. I'm happy for Cam, I'm just sad for everyone else, primarily myself." — @getnickwright pic.twitter.com/li1iVR4y14

— First Things First (@FTFonFS1) July 6, 2020

From pretenders to Cam-tenders? Ooh...that as rough. Anyway, what an AFC this should be this year, and maybe for years to come. Cam, Lamar and Mahomes for ever, because...


After Adam Schefter tweeted out Monday that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs agreed on a ten year extension, reportedly worth approximately $450 million (said best in supervillain voice, pinkie finger to lips), tying him to the Chiefs through 2031, reactions from all over poured in, with one prevailing thread; someone just got paid!

Exclusive look at Chiefs owner Clark Hunt driving to deliver Patrick Mahomes' contract-extension for him to sign: pic.twitter.com/aLfkUoQOAb

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) July 6, 2020

Seeing the details on Pat Mahomes getting the largest contract in sports history(h/t @AdamSchefter) pic.twitter.com/YQOY1dXL3O

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) July 6, 2020

Well, OK, it wasn't all in astonishment over how much the reigning SB champ would be hauling in. There was some outright skepticism for sure. Though it's hard to argue with locking up someone of his talent and accomplishment for what should be the entire prime of his career. Still some have to rain on the parade. A bit.

The only way the Patrick Mahomes deal makes any sense for the player is if he has become the first player in league history to be guaranteed a percentage of the salary cap on a multi-year deal.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) July 6, 2020

Former Chiefs, well a legendary Chief really, was thrilled for Mahomes and the franchise.

Let’s go!! 10 more years of seeing @PatrickMahomes in a @Chiefs uniform! Big day for KC! Hope it’s front loaded. https://t.co/XgdDEAYbUF

— Tony Gonzalez (@TonyGonzalez88) July 6, 2020

And then some had fun with the idea that the contract is so long. He'll only be 36 when it finishes. That's nothing! Why just look at that whipersnapper down in Tampa these days! Still...

Patrick Mahomes during the last game of his ten year contract pic.twitter.com/DfzJuzDAPZ

— -------- -- (@Three_Cone) July 6, 2020

By the way, let's not play the "This is good for Dak Prescott" game (who apparently is hanging out in Scituate, MA?), because one is the best player n the NFL and the other is Dak Prescott, K?

Dak Prescott: I want to get paid similar to Patrick MahomesJerry Jones: pic.twitter.com/YmaBU5FJOn

— Michael Schutte (@MikeSchutte) July 6, 2020

Scary part? No matter the impact of Cam Newton, Stidham or any Patriot to come, the Chiefs are going to be good for a long time to come.

Mahomes is 24 yrs old.Tyreek Hill is 26.Mecole Hardman is 22.Kelce is 30.Watkins is 27.Clyde Edwards-Helaireis 21.Damien Williams is 28.Do THAT math...

— Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) July 7, 2020


Stumbled across this the other night. It's kind of...amazing. And it's true, and not just because I read it on the internet. Now we know why Tampa made such a push.

Fun stat of the dayReceiving yards after the age of 40 leaderboard:1. Jerry Rice - 25092. Tom Brady - 6

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Think we could all use encouragement, support and lessons like this at a time like now.

“One day at a time.”Best thing you’ll see today.Dads, bruh.--❤️ pic.twitter.com/dwEsHwkWBi

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Please zone or zen out, however you prefer it, to a raccoon eating grapes. Don't knock it till you try it. And seriously, who would steal this guy's snack?

Hey... where'd my grapes go! ---- pic.twitter.com/ZOFfhnKDfd

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