Brad Stevens doesn't have much to say about the NBA-China issues


Ever since Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted in support of the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, the NBA and Chinese government have been at odds.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has released two statements on the matter — the Chinese government wasn’t satisfied with the first one. And now, the New York Times is reporting the Chinese government “appears to be reassessing its campaign against the NBA and dialing down the clamor.”

There have been few opportunities for players to comment on the matter. James Harden was the first, and it didn’t exactly go well. While in China with his new team, the Brooklyn Nets, DeAndre Jordan simply said, “we’re not experts in that field.” Harden was asked about it a second time while with Russell Westbrook and the Rockets in Japan, but a team spokesperson squashed the question.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook were asked if they would “feel differently” about speaking on political and societal affairs because of the events with the NBA/China.A spokesperson interrupted and informed the reporter that the players would answer basketball questions only.

— Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) October 10, 2019

NBA coaches have been asked to weigh in, as well. Houston’s Mike D’Antoni had no interest in offering an opinion. Steve Kerr, who has spoken about U.S. social issues and politics on more than one occasion, didn’t offer up anything either. Gregg Popovich decided to take the route of complimenting Silver for his leadership.

Brad Stevens hasn’t been one to put himself out there when it comes to domestic social and political matters, let alone foreign ones. So he didn’t have much to say when the subject came up with reporters at practice in Orlando on Thursday.

“I don't really have anything to add other than what’s been talked about. I think, ultimately, we’ve been watching if from afar like everybody else,” he said. “I’ve said for a long time, I appreciate the league and the league’s support of people’s right to express themselves, and I appreciate the leadership that Adam Silver provides all the time.”