Why the Celtics might draft: Saddiq Bey

Among the many things impacted by the NBA’s ongoing hiatus is the 2020 draft. And there are layers to this issue, one being draft order.
Based on where the standings were when play first came to a halt, the Celtics would have three 2020 first-round picks: 17 (via Memphis), 26 and 30. Here’s a look at one of the players they could select in the first round:


STATS: 16.1 PPG | 47.7 FG% | 45.1 3-PT%

The Celtics are only getting Bey if they hold onto the Memphis pick (17). Some drafts have him going a little bit sooner, but still just outside the lottery.

Brad Stevens will want him because he’s a 6-foot-8 wing — and Boston can never have too many wings. He’s also switchable on defense, though the 20-year-old needs to add strength if he hopes to battle more physical wings.

Of course, Bey’s 3-point percentage stands out. He can score off the dribble, but Bey is good off the ball — the latter being a characteristic that fits better in the Celtics offense, right now. He just can’t defer when he has open looks.

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