Romeo Langford limited at Summer League practice, Tacko Fall more mobile than expected

Tacko Fall
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Although all eyes will be on the Celtics selections from the 2019 NBA Draft at the Summer League games in Las Vegas, Tacko Fall will be hard to miss, too. Chalk that up to his 7-foot-6 frame. 

Given his height, one might not think of “fast” or “quick” as characteristics used to describe Fall, whom Boston signed on an Exhibit 10 contract following the draft. While Celtics Summer League coach Scott Morrison didn’t go that far, he did say he’s been surprised with the way the big man moves.

“I think we’ve been very impressed with him,” Morrison said. “Everyone expected him to be real slow but he’s shown mobility that we weren’t necessarily ready for. Even in the scrimmage we just had he beat some guys down the floor, caught the ball at the rim, kept the ball up and dunked. So we’ve been real happy with him. Shown some toughness. And like everybody else on the roster here, just a real desire to learn and do the right thing, so it makes it easier for the coaches.”

Morrison also expressed Fall will need to be somewhat quick to contribute on the offensive end. He’s not a three-point threat, so he’ll need to find a way to work around the rim efficiently.

“He’s going to really have to learn how to roll quick, get out of screens quick,” Morrison said. “Maybe faster than his actual foot-speed is. Angles, timing, things like that. And when he’s not screening and rolling, playing the dunker below the baseline, just knowing how to play off penetration, how to stay low so he’s ready for a pass high or a pass low. And then, probably, the next thing would be his finishing around the rim.”


Romeo Langford update

The Celtics drafted Romeo Langford knowing he was coming off of thumb surgery. The Celtics first pick in the 2019 NBA Draft (No. 14 overall) is on the team’s Summer League roster, though his workload has been limited to this point. 

“He’s taken part in some of the light drills,” Morrison said. “One of the coaches working with him on his skill work that he can do without putting his thumb at risk. He’s taken part in all the film sessions and all the walk-throughs, things like that.”


Grant Williams fitting right in

Above all else, Grant Williams’ personality has garnered the most attention since he was selected by the Celtics in the 2019 NBA Draft. Based on what he’s seen so far, Morrison feels Williams’ personality on the floor is exactly what a team looks for in a player.

“Prototypical teammate, professional,” Morrison said. “Always talking, always encouraging his teammates, always worried about making the right play. Not worried about getting his own touches or getting his own shots. More concerned with making sure that he makes the right play for the team to get a good look and win at the end of the day.”

Williams also addressed the media on Monday. Among the things he spoke about, one was the Celtics new star point guard, Kemba Walker — a player he grew up watching in Charlotte.

“You see how he plays off the pick and roll, you see how dynamic of a point guard he is,” Williams said. “Really exciting to see him play. I grew up in Charlotte, so I was there watching him. (He) practiced at my high school a couple times. So just seeing how talented of a guard he is at putting the ball in the basket.

“Defensively, he’s a good defender. He’s a guy that’s going to compete. I think that (with) all these guys in the league now it’s about who you can guard, so he’s not a slouch in that means. He’s a guy that’s going to put it all on the court.”