Enes Kanter reveals new, odd-looking Celtics jersey

Enes Kanter
Photo credit Getty Images
On Monday, Enes Kanter shared a video of a new Celtics jersey on his Instagram story. He later deleted that portion of his story, but not before screenshots were taken.

Yeahhhhhh...I don't know... https://t.co/z5sNAQFa5s

— Nick Friar (@Nick_Friar) October 28, 2019

This might be their new City Edition jersey.

Now, I’m no fashion critic, but these aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. The more the Celtics try to incorporate gold into their uniforms, the more I’m out.

I get why gold is an option and that the C’s want to create new looks. There might be a way for them to work green and gold together — again, not a fashion expert — but this isn’t it.

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