Jaylen Brown had concerns about 2018-19's impact on extension


On one hand, Monday was “just a normal day” for Jaylen Brown. At the same time, he had to work a little harder to maintain focus while his agent, Jason Glushon, was in town negotiating a rookie extension with Danny Ainge — which they ultimately came to terms on.

“I was just trying to not get my hopes up too much,” Brown said at Celtics practice on Tuesday. “I was just trying to focus. I was prepared for anything, whether I had to play it out or whatever was going to happen, I didn’t know.”

His emotions didn’t solely root from the possibility of playing for a new contract throughout 2019-20. Brown has also been concerned about how last year would impact negotiations.

“I don’t feel like I got the ability to display my talent,” he said. “I think I have the ability and talent (right there with) anybody else. But last year, I didn’t get to display it, so I thought it was really going to hurt me. It came out that everything worked out in the end.”

Before signing the contract, Brown said he was focused on winning. Now, he can breathe a sigh of relief — the goal, however, remains the same.

“It helps, I’ll say that,” Brown said. “It definitely helps. My family is for sure appreciative. The city of Boston, we’re appreciative of course and we want to make sure we give back as much as we can, whether we do that with our time, whether we do that on the court, or we do with just making relationships. It definitely helps but still got a lot of work to be done, to be honest. I say that not just because that’s the right thing to say I truly believe that — (there’s) a lot of work to be done and I want to be the first one in, last one out.

“I still got the same mentality, same approach, same preparation for the season, and I still got the same goals. So the load is still on until I get that job done, because that’s what it’s more about. Getting a contract extension is great, but I’m playing to try to win and try to help this team as much as I can.”

And even though he might’ve had the chance to build something special elsewhere after the summer, Boston is the one place he wanted to do it, playing for an organization he holds in high regard.

“Being in this market, playing for the Boston Celtics is not like playing for a lot of other teams, to be honest,” Brown said. “Once it came down to something that made sense it was an easy decision, to be honest. Playing for the Boston Celtics isn’t like playing for some of these other teams in the league. No disrespect, it’s just Boston is a top-five organization in this league. So, I think that was a possibility. Once I got to look at the offer in front of me, it was easy.”

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