Mark Cuban could see NBA playing games into July


Although the NBA suspended play until further notice following the news of a Utah Jazz player preliminarily testing positive for COVID-19, the league has not canceled the season yet. But anything seems to be on the table given what transpired on Monday.

Overseas, the Chinese Basketball Association is looking to resume play after its 14-day quarantine, according to ESPN.

Mavericks governor Mark Cuban could see the NBA doing something similar where the season and playoffs carry well into the summer.

“Look, the only reason we haven’t played games after June 12 in the past is because our TV partners, the HUT — the Households Using Television (AC Nielsen Company) — in the summer drops significantly,” Cuban said on ESPN’s “Get Up!” “Well, the landscape has changed dramatically over the last three years, four years. So those numbers and those equations have all changed significantly. Depending on how it plays out and obviously and business going through all of this, we all are going through this  Because there’s not a lot of competition — there’s only regular season baseball — I don’t think necessarily until August, but I can easily see us playing the last 7-10 games of the regular season to get everybody back on course and then go ahead right into the playoffs, and going into July if not August.”

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