Tacko Fall's presence remains unmatched


With Tacko Fall in Boston on Friday, the “We want Tacko” chants were bound to happen. Especially with the then 11-17 Pistons visiting.

But what happened at the Garden in the Celtics’ 114-93 win was next-level. (For a complete recap of the Celtics' win, click here.)

So much so that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both shooting above 50% en route to matching 26-point performances were modest highlights.

.@celticsvoice calls it the "quickest six" of Jaylen Brown's career. pic.twitter.com/W7qq5ixMKh

— Celtics on NBC Sports Boston (@NBCSCeltics) December 21, 2019

Same goes for Grant Williams’ 18-point performance, in which he made not one but two 3-pointers.

--️ GRANT IS MAKING THREES pic.twitter.com/pUZJmfA4Do

— Dan Greenberg (@StoolGreenie) December 21, 2019

It was all about Tacko.

One human not far from the press seating (I think) is screeching for Tacko. Very bizarre. They've done it multiple times.

— Nick Friar (@Nick_Friar) December 21, 2019

The Tacko caller. A villain of the night. https://t.co/j9e92TXEjw

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) December 21, 2019

He was on the floor for 4:31, and every fan was on their feet for every second of the action. The excitement was on par with that of a playoff game — minus the tension.

Tacko just faked like he was gonna check in. The crowd erupted. Then he sat back down. Now Brad calling for Tacko chants. Then Brad subs him in. This place is a madhouse.

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) December 21, 2019

“Tonight was intense,” Fall said. “Usually (the chants) are like once or twice, but I feel like it started in the third quarter and it just kept going.”

It helped that the Celtics cruised past the depleted Pistons. Even with Kemba Walker going 0-for-6 from the floor — and no Marcus Smart or Gordon Hayward — the Celtics didn’t seem to break a sweat throughout.

That allowed all the Celtics to get in on the action

“(Tatum) tried to force me to go in (early) at first,” Fall said.

Tatum confirmed Fall’s accusation.

“Yeah, I mean, obviously, the crowd wanted him in the game,” Tatum said. “We wanted Tacko in the game. So, trying to get him in there as early as I could.”

Even Brad Stevens egged the crowd on at one point.

This is the best thing you will see all day. I promise. pic.twitter.com/leNL2oiaIc

— Marc D'Amico (@Marc_DAmico) December 21, 2019

Though, that wasn’t solely because of the mayhem at the Garden. A member of Stevens’ family gave him an order before Friday’s game: play Tacko.

“My family is out of town and I was talking to them before the game, and I was kind of going through the injury report,” Stevens said. “Brady (Stevens’ son) was asking me all kinds of questions about who we were going to match up with (Andre) Drummond and what we were going to do. Kinsley (Stevens’ daughter) pipes in from the car, she said, ‘It’s time to give the people what they want.’ And that’s all she said.

“I was laughing the whole time everybody was chanting because all I could think about was Kinsley leading the cheers.”

It was a wild night. Hard to imagine Celtics fans could top that — outside of an Eastern Conference or NBA Finals win.

Whether they’re able to or not, Fall continues to express the support is a blessing.

And even though the fanbase is already smitten by Fall, he knows there’s still plenty more work ahead of him if he wants to become a consistent contributor for the Celtics.

“I still have a long way to go,” he said. “Just got to stay the course, trust in the plan that they have for me and things will work out.”

Unreal take from Jimmy pic.twitter.com/AMbHzDN5fm

— Jimmy Blanco (@ColeyMick) December 21, 2019

The Boston Celtics are 1-0 when Tacko Fall (five points) outscores Kemba Walker (two points).

Also, here’s a little something extra...

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