Why the Celtics might draft: Isaiah Stewart

Among the many things impacted by the NBA’s ongoing hiatus is the 2020 draft. And there are layers to this issue, one being draft order.
Based on where the standings were when play first came to a halt, the Celtics would have three 2020 first-round picks: 17 (via Memphis), 26 and 30. Here’s a look at one of the players they could select in the first round:

Isaiah Stewart, Washington

STATS: 17 PPG | 57 FG% | 8.8 RPG

This is a name that’ll seem familiar to some Celtics fans — he was one of the few players mentioned when we assessed some bigs the Celtics could take with the Memphis pick back in January.

Guess what? Stewart is still projected to be on the board when No. 17 rolls around. He might even be there at 26, though waiting that long would be a roll of the dice for the Celtics.

He might be a slight reach at 17, but this guy seems worth it. The 6-foot-9, 250-pound forward averaged 2.1 blocks per game as a freshman. Stewart can protect the rim.

Now, his ability to switch on the pick-and-roll, that’s an unknown. He’s only 18 years old, so there’s still room for him to develop.

Stewart does most of his scoring on the inside. Not exactly something that plays well in today’s NBA. But, he’s active on the glass — an area the Celtics always seem to need a little help with.

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